As a concerned parent, you have probably weighed the pros and cons of the vaccine for influenza. You may have discussed it with your physician, colleagues at work and even your family. However, if you still feel divided like a half and half pizza regarding your family getting vaccinated, you may want to pay close attention. Australians are lining up at workplaces, doctors’ clinics and pharmacies to have their annual flu vaccine.

Let us go through the following list and get your family in line as well.

H1N1 dangerous to children

As an adult, you may have the antibodies necessary to fight everything; from germs to certain viruses without needing external immunization. It is different for a developing child, even if he or she may seem active and healthy on the outside. The flu vaccine for H1N1 is necessary for children, especially because experts believe the strain is no less dangerous this year than it has ever been. Last year a record number of 270 children died from the H1N1 flu virus because of strong willed ‘naturalist’ parents, who refused to get their child inoculated in convenient immunization clinics, such as flu vaccine Townsville doctors provide. Check SmartClinics for more details.

Once A Year

With mainstream news and alternative media propagating their own storylines, it is puzzling for parents to really choose a side. Experts at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inform that the seasonal flu vaccine is necessary for everyone above 6 months old. Also since the strength and strain of the flu virus seems to grow stronger every year, it is recommended even for pregnant women to protect themselves this year as well.

Why the vaccine is safe

While conducting your own research, there are existing articles with strong language and verbal emotions against the flu vaccine. However, if you read the medical journals and articles, they will reassure you that currently, you can request a thimerosal-free, which means it will not contain a form of mercury used as a preservative.

Travelling for work

With work hours being crazy as they are for anyone with a job these days, travelling can bring unforeseen health detriments into your family. You should protect yourself and your family from any strains of the flu virus, which is now contractible worldwide. If you travel to high risk places like the US, China, Africa and parts of South East Asia, consider a facility or GP with a bulk billed flu vaccination to help keep your family safe this year.

Falling sick is costlier

As respectable as your naturalist, friendly vibes may be, you are still a human being who may fall sick if left unprotected. There is a high chance of your children contracting the disease at school, where it may not affect the children who have been immunized. While we find science as an ever-changing process of trial and error, risking your children because you would rather give them high doses of vitamin C instead, may not only damage their kidneys but leave them vulnerable.

At the end of the day, you still do live in a free country, where the choice is yours whether you would like to immunize your family or take your chances with herbal concoctions. However, you should consider all your options before making that decision by speaking with your physician, trusted friends and family members as well as doing your own research on sites such as

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