As someone in your late teens to early twenties, studying abroad is an experience that you should definitely try. Not only would it look great on your resume, but it would also help you become a better person. There are some things you need to be mindful of, though, to avoid getting into trouble. Here are some tips on University of Queensland Brisbane accommodation, interactions with locals, and more.


· Familiarising with your destination. Since you’ll be moving into a new society, you should have an understanding of its social customs and rituals. This can cover everything from booking a James Cook University private accommodation to discovering where to have a taste of the local cuisine and mingle with fellow students.

· Establishing a work schedule. Travelling abroad to pursue higher education can mean distractions, especially when you’re getting a part-time job. Manage your time well between your academics, work, and recreation. Bonus tip: acertain type of accommodation near University of Queensland or wherever you’re studying can reduce time wasted on commute.

· Budgeting your money wisely. Being an international student can be expensive. Apart from your tuition, you also need to pay for your University of Queensland Brisbane accommodation. There are the expenses for food and groceries to think about too. Take control of your finances to maximise your money and avoid debt. Credit cards should be for emergencies only.


· Packing trivial things. While you won’t want to travel too lightly, avoid bringing stuff that you likely won’t even use, like fleece jackets when you’re headed somewhere tropical. Toiletries that you could easily purchase at your destination shouldn’t be packed either as they take up a lot of luggage space. For your clothes, opt for practical choices, such as jeans and shirts in solid colours. Bring an extra pair of footwear and some socks too.

· Forgetting important documents. Imagine arriving at your accommodation in University of Queensland only to discover that you forgot your enrolment forms and other school files. So, prepare all important documents a day before you depart. Better yet, have copies of each item in case the original ones get stolen or lost.

· Befriending just anyone. There’s nothing wrong with making friends, especially with those in the same University of Queensland Brisbane accommodation as you. It’s another matter altogether to go to unfamiliar places with someone you’ve met just once before. Always keep a decent distance with class fellows and dorm mates until you’re familiar with them. Steer clear of any events posted on social media for the first few weeks as well.

By knowing the do’s and don’ts of studying abroad, you’ll be better able to mingle with the locals. It also helps you stay away from any trouble that could affect your education. So, pay special attention to the things that have been noted above.

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Do’s and Don’ts as an International Student