Are you suffering from acute arthritis or pain in the knees? Well, what you all ever need is an orthopedic surgeon at who can conduct knee replacement. An orthopedic surgeon is a physician who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation of disorders, injuries and diseases that affect the musculoskeletal system of the body.

As people age, their bodies tend to have more complications and one of them is knee pain from osteoarthritis. The pain is mostly relieved by the use of pain medicine. However, when the level of pain increases such that walking becomes difficult as well as hinders you from participating in day to day fun activities, it is time to consider a knee replacement. Dr. Joseph A Mannino on the Star Gazette says that he tells his patients that putting in the knee is what the surgeon does but getting the parts working requires a physical therapist. Therefore, one has to keep in mind the process is not easy. Below are some things you should know about knee replacement.


The term orthopedic surgery is scary in itself; however, it’s not that bad. The average time taken is slightly over an hour. An orthopedic surgeon uses a spinal block that numbs the body from the waist down. In addition to the anesthesia, patients are given a sedative that calms and relaxes them. There are cases where patients are given general anesthesia, but overall knee replacement has less operative pain and fewer complications needing only spinal block. The patient is more often than not hospitalized for three days. A knee doctor NY has determines the time of hospitalization the patients will require to be able to move around with assistance.

Post surgery

Immediately after the surgery, the pain is relieved by the spinal anesthesia which generally takes longer to leave the system. This advantage makes patients to easily move from place to another post operation. Cold packs, injecting of local pain killer around the knee and physical therapy also work. After the opera, it is important for a patient to move around. There are cases, though very few, where patients develop blood clots that may lead to complications. To reduce this risk, a knee replacement doctor NYC has advises movement as it increases blood flow through the leg muscles in addition to medication for blood thinning. The time taken to fully recover varies from patient to patient and mostly depends on the physical therapy.


Like any other surgery, knee replacement also has risks. The safety of the patient and reduction of risk of infection are crucial. Most of the risks are due to surgical infections. However, top notch medical centers have in place surgical departments equipped with the latest technology which act as an infection control measure to reduce the risks. The newer generation of implants may last as long as 15-20 years and in case of wearing out, it can be taken care of by replacing the plastic bearing between the shinbone and thick high bone, if it’s done on time.

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How your orthopedic surgeon can help with knee replacement