An accident reported near the Queensland road toll was averted from turning into a bigger catastrophe when an off-duty doctor and two courageous police officers prevented more carnage. Although accidents are inevitable according to doctor Northlakes – , most homeowners do not think that the most common accidents which occur are at home. With the help of experienced MD’s like doctor has, you can get the care you require for the following common injuries that occur at home.

doctor northlakesFalling Objects

Toddlers learning how to walk may initially be exciting for parents, however, it becomes dangerous if not constantly watched. Your doctor Northlakes based will be able to tell you that it becomes increasingly dangerous when children pull objects down from easy to reach places, getting hurt in the process. You can make Mango Hill medical doctors bookings in case you see any peculiar bumps or bruises on your child. Experienced doctors Northlakes market has today will also strongly suggest making sure any electrical outlets are covered and easily accessible tablecloth edges and dish towels are kept away to prevent future accidents from occurring.

Tripping & Falling

All humans have clumsy moments. However, indoors it can be infinitely more dangerous with protruding table corners, shaggy carpets and wet floors. Falls can affect people of all ages. Children recover easier from falls unlike elderly family members, especially in high-risk zones like the kitchen, bathroom or outdoors. In case you have a family member injured from a fall and the pain has not subsided, you can get in touch with your local GP by making gp appointments at Mango Hill clinics.

Bruises & Sprains

Although your fall may not be too serious, bruising leaves an ugly mark as well as soreness in the area for quite a few days after your injury. Your local doctor Northlakes market has today might prescribe applying a cold pack as soon as you see bruising occurring. Cold presses reduce the swelling and numb the pain, instead of resorting to medicine. Sprains require hot and cold presses and lots of rest. In case you feel a pricking sensation or you experience extreme amounts of pain, you should visit your doctor to rule out hairline fractures or torn ligaments.

Cuts & Burns

Another form of injury that occurs regardless of age, cuts, and burns should not be taken lightly. Knife related accidents in the kitchen are fairly common. Getting a minor burn can also be taken care of at home with an OTC burn ointment. However, if you are bleeding profusely, have a blood disorder or have a large burn from a grilling accident or hot oil, you should seek medical help at an emergency or with your local GP.

Choking, Poisoning Or Drowning

All three are extremely serious accidents and paramedics or emergency services should be notified along with your GP or vet for your pets. Choking can occur to toddlers as well as adults who are not careful while consuming food. Keep poisonous materials such as household cleaning chemicals, medicines, paints and other toxic materials locked away if you have children or depressed family members at home. Drowning would require emergency services to perform CPR or use defibrillators to revive the victim.

 Home related accidents can never be prepared for. However, you should have a medical professional you and your family trust to help with any that may occur. You can ask your friends or colleagues to recommend experienced MDs or visit sites like

The most common accidents you should be aware of that occur at home