The broad expansiveness of the garage door is the first thing people notice as they drive by homes with a front-facing garage door. So, its aesthetic appeal will make or break the overall curb appeal of your home. As such, you should carefully choose the type of garage door you’ll install in your home.

The five most common ones are roll-up, sectional, side-hinged, tilt-up, and slide to the side. This article aims to explain each one of these different garage doors as succinctly as possible to help you choose the best one for your home.

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Sectional garage doors are made of several panel sections that are kept together by hinges. As the garage door closes and opens, the wheels at the end of each panel move up a vertical track on both side of the garage door opening until it makes it to the top. The hinges located between each panel section allow the garage door to bend as it is being opened, which lets the door run parallel the ceiling.


Roller garage doors have a simple design and are ideal for areas with limited ceiling space, which is why they are mostly used for commercial garages and storage units. The garage door can curve and bend, allowing it to roll up around a drum above the garage door.

The roller garage doors Melbourne has today are designed to withstand heavy usage. High-performance units can even be springless to prevent corrosion, rust, and freezing. But because of its durability, they are more expensive than garage doors with a sectional design.

Slide to the side

This kind of garage door is among the first styles originally used for garages with limited headroom. It works by bending to one side of the garage. These garage doors don’t need any balancing springs. Click hereĀ garage doors


Garage doors with a side hinge have a traditional design where the doors swing inwards or outwards from the hinges on either side of the garage door opening. This is ideal for garages with very little headroom. They are also typically made of timber, but commercial-type galvanized steel can also be used.


Unlike other kinds of garage doors, a tilt-up garage door does not have sections. And as the name implies, it tilts up when they are opened. The two different kinds of tilt-up garage doors are tilt-up canopy and tilt-up retractable. While this is less popular in residential applications, some homeowners opt to have a tilt-up for their garage. But before you choose this as your garage door, you should also take into consideration that they are more challenging to operate and more expensive than most other garage doors.


You have a lot of options for your garage door, from size and materials to how the door opens. Prices for each type of garage door also varies depending on the type and materials used, but the approximate garage doors Melbourne prices range between $400 and $500.

If you are still unsure what you need, the garage door experts atĀ are more than willing to help you.

What are the different types of garage doors?