You don’t always need to renovate your living room. With just a few touches, a DIY paint job, and window treatments such as the Ziptrak blinds Melbourne has today—you can revamp it!



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What does revamping mean?


Revamping is making something look new. It’s different from renovation, which is tearing off the old to create something new. In this logic, revamping is a lighter, cheaper job.


If you are tired of the look but still content with the structure, then all you need is a revamp. It can be as simple as adding Ziptrak blinds Melbourne suppliers are offering today.


Follow this guide to start revamping your living room.


How to revamp your living room


1. List down your goals for guidance


Do you want to minimise space? Add more colour? Do you want to add indoor blinds? Enumerate your goals, so they will guide you when you’re conceptualising your design.


2. Create your original or cleverly borrowed concept


With the guidance of your goals, create a concept. Make sure it’s dear to your heart and not just the trends of the time. You can borrow a few inspirations online; however, make sure they reflects your personality. You can create a mood board on Pinterest or Instagram.


3. Splurge and go cheap at the same time


List down your items. Which one tends to be the most expensive? Is it important to you? If you have a limited budget, here’s a trick: splurge on the indoor blinds Melbourne stores sell and go cheap on the rest. This way, the blow won’t be too hard on your pocket; however, you won’t feel too restrained, either.


Colours to consider


1. Seafoam


Despite its name, this is a colour associated with forests and grasses. This colour won’t only please nature lovers. Its vibrant yet ironically subdued shade of green will calm your stressed urban-dweller mind.


2. Black


Bet you didn’t expect this, did you? Black will put drama to your living room. If you have a bold personality, then black is your colour. This will even work better with beige chairs, tables, or Ziptrak blinds Melbourne shops are offering. They will surely pop out.


3. Mustard and salmon


Doesn’t this combination remind you of the 60s? Mustard and salmon is one mix you’d want on your living room—it’s chic, fresh, and calming. It’s perfect for an area where you will entertain families and their little kids.


Accessories you can add


  • Artwork – Choose a piece that stands out. For instance, it could contains a photo, movie quote, a wall of text, or even an art piece made of your family pictures. Don’t just settle on the common landscape painting.
  • Flowers and houseplants – For flowers, you can anemone. It’s a popular gardening plant with bright flower petals. As for houseplants, you can choose peace lillies, spider plants, pothos, and English Ivy. These are all plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight.
  • Lighting – We always encourge homeowners to go natural. However, you don’t have to forego important artificial lighting, of course. Just remember to buy the following, if you don’t have them yet:
  • Ambient lighting – Brightens up the entire living room
  • Task lighting – Gives light to a work zome
  • Accent lighting – Highlights objects




Revamping your living room doesn’t need a big budget. It just needs ingenuity and savviness in borrowing ideas.


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Your guide to revamping your living room